if you can't measure it you can't manage it

All about power

The smart energy monitoring and performance solution for domestic and industrial assets. POWER AMIGO designs and manufactures Smart Power Relays to support the electricity networks and grids which enables the parallel connection of renewable energy and storage.

Renewable energy usage

A big focus is we are changing the way we use and manage renewable energy and load control and energy storage while still being connected to the electricity grid.

Real time reports and alerts

Real time monitoring, give a visual and an understanding of power usage within a site to allow real time power management. Profiling, allows an overlay of time and power usage that can also assess sizing of support generation (solar), sizing of energy storage (this can be batteries, hot water storage tanks, etc.), switching and usage of loads, etc.

Leading ideas and technology

Our foresight and leading ideas make us the leaders for the simplicity of connection, use and management with all of our products. The ease and flexibility of all of our products makes them a reliable and necessary tool on every system we support.

Smart Relay

Energy Home Manager, Active power control for Inverter Energy Systems, Zero export and controlled export, Network protection relays, Remote logging and proof of performance, electrical load control to absorb excess energy, energy storage hot water, load shedding to reduce peak demand.

The Power Amigo Smart Relay is an all in one measuring transducer.

It is designed to connect to any electrical power source on any phase angle.

Measuring both voltage and current inputs the microprocessor and designated integrated circuits cleanly and accurately measure true RMS values.

These accurate measurements are only part of the inputs which open up the full range of Power Amigo products and applications.

Monitoring Power & Movement, Monitoring Power Quality, Logging, Alerts, Network Protection Voltage and Frequency, Network Protection Power Flow and Direction, Network Protection Current & Voltage Asymmetry, Network Protection Power Factor, Active and Reactive Power Control, Load Control Absorb Energy, Load Control Reduce Peak Demand, Logging and Monitoring of additional sub circuits, Retail Bill Comparisons.

This all in one tool has been developed with the combination of accuracy, features and ease of use to suit all the requirements and needs from the Power Network to the end user.